Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back in 2009 I made this blog site with the intention of sharing daily postings and pictures. But as you can see after posting a few, I stopped.

I have always envied those "super bloggers" know the mothers of four or five kids who somehow between diaper changes, cleaning, feedings, cooking and crafting still manage to photograph picture perfect daily events and write an inspiring & creative blog! ...You know who you are... ; ) xoxo.....I'd love to know your secret! 

(I am laughing to myself right now! Because as I write this I am typing with one hand as I push Lilly Kates bassinet with the other while singing her a lullaby. It has taken me 45 minutes to write these few words! Yep I am a new mama trying to manage the world and I haven't quite figured it all out just yet!) 

When I first began reading blogs I was so inspired to create my own! With thousands of adorable sites .....I had such a hard time choosing the right domain name, colors, fonts, layout....what was my blog was going to be about?! Taking... editing.... posting pictures.... could I actually share my own"personal" opinion for the world to read... does anyone really care, will anyone ever read my postings anyway! whoa! Am I just wasting my time?!  

whats with the name?! lulukate. its simple. its a combination of my nicknames lulu for louise and kate from Katie. and it wasn't taken. besides its kinda cute.

When I began this blog I was single, living in Tampa about to make a move to California and traveling a good amount of time for work.  So as you can see from the beginning of this blog the few things I did write, I was on the road. Today I am happily settled with the man of my dreams! I have a beautiful three month old daughter named Lilly Kate! And I am living back where it all started in a small town on the Coast of somewhere beautiful! 

This writing thing isn't new for me.....writing has always been therapeutic!! ...."If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad!" -Lord Bryon So true! 

I've always kept a notebook by my bedside. I never liked the word Journal it has always seemed kiddish to me. It is simply a notebook. I remember when my love for writing began....back in Elementary School 4th grade to be exact! Everyday my teacher would have a daily topic on the board...or a sentence to spark a creative writing session. We were to complete at least one page. I remember writing pages during each session! Notebooks were never graded  and it was even ok to write in color! They call it "stream writing" or "Stream of Consciousness". Its a type of writing skill that is unstructured and unedited that reflects observations without any punctuation or grammar.  I continued the "notebooks" long after 4th grade and even to this day I have a notebook by my bedside. This could easily explain why my spelling & grammar is so horrible! don't judge. ; ) Its the type of writing technique that has always sparked my creativity and connected me to pen & paper. I've always found that when I handwrite a note its so much more personal than typing. My creative space is found in the stillness, where I have paper in front of me and a pen in my hand!

During a recent writing sesh, I began thinking about a "gratitude challenge"....I did "a Line a day for 21 days of gratitude" a few years ago. But for the past week or so I've been thinking more and more about starting a daily gratitude blog. I journal gratitude practically everyday (sometimes just in my head before I fall asleep).... I most certainly know the power of prayer! So I have no doubts in the power of sharing gratitude. 

So for what its worth, I'm going to challenge myself to posting and sharing my daily gratitude log.....