Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Simple Abundance. Its a book that has over the course of three years owning it and reading it religioiusly, has changed my life. 

I came across this heavy pink bound book while thrifting the bookcase at a local Goodwill store with my mom. Whenever I purchase a book I like to write the date and a sentence or two inside the cover about where I purchased it and why I choose it. As much as I love books from the library, I find it very hard to connect to the book unless I am able to highlight favorite sentences and make notes along the way. Its something my grandmother use to do and I absolutely love reading her books she gives me because there are so many wonderful simple phrases & notes in her own words. I find the sentences she highlights fascinating, wondering to myself why she choose them.

If you were to pull a book off my bookshelf you will find dates purchased, dates read & re-read, many highlighted words, quotes and phrases. It simply makes each book my own. And I love pulling random books down every know & then to read what I wrote through the pages. I've always believed you can tell a whole lot about a person based on the books on ones bookshelf and the records he/she keeps. 

kisses, K.